Dairy Technology
Courses on market milk, traditional dairy products, fat rich dairy products, cheese, ice cream, packaging technology, concentrated and dried milks, byproducts, sensory evaluation and food technology. [54 credits, 20.53%]
One year dairy plant operation and management training. [44 credits, 16.73%]
Dairy Engineering
Workshop practice & drawing, fluid mechanics, dairy equipment & maintenance, heat transfer, thermodynamics, electrical engineering, refrigeration & air conditioning, instrumentation, food and dairy plant design and layout, machine design and food engineering. [63 credits, 23.95%]
Dairy Chemistry
Organic chemistry, physical chemistry, introduction to dairy chemistry, biochemistry, food chemistry, human nutrition. [27 credits, 10.27%]
Dairy Microbiology
General microbiology, introductory dairy microbiology, microbiology of starter culture and fermented milks, food and industrial microbiology and quality assurance for dairy and food industry. [31 credits, 11.79%]
Dairy Business Management
Economic analysis, Introduction to computers and Pascal programming language, marketing management, industrial statistics, C programming language, accounting systems, dairy development in India, introduction to operation research, management accounting and control, computer aided MIS and application of computers in dairy industry and project management. [37 credits, 14.07%]
Allied subjects
Applied mathematics, milk production management and dairy extension education. [7 credits, 7.66%]
In Commercial Dairy/Food Plant (Four weeks after 8th Semester). [No credits, satisfactory or otherwise]