1956: Proposal for procurement of dairy equipment and machinery under TCM. U.S. AID submitted to the Government of India.

1959: Foundation stone of the Students’ Training Dairy laid by Shri S.K.Patil, Minister for Food and Agriculture, Government of India (December 23, 1959).

1960: Proposal to select the Institute of Agriculture, Anand as one of the centres to offer Indian Dairy Diploma and B.Sc. (Dairying) accepted by the Delhi conference called by the UNICEF. The same was subsequently approved by the Government of India. (March, 1960).

1960: Indian Dairy Diploma (Dairy Technology) started with a batch of 25 students (July, 1960).

1961: Dairy Science College with intake capacity of 20 students started as a grant-in-aid institution with financial assistance from the Government of Gujarat (July 27, 1961).

1961: Inauguration of the starting of the college performed by Dr.Jivraj Mehta, Chief Minister of Gujarat State (July 27, 1961).

1962: Dr.S. Radhakrishnan, President of India, inaugurated the Students’ Training Dairy (December 24, 1962).

1962: Foundation stone of the Dairy Science college building laid by Dr.S. Radhakrishnan (December 24, 1962).

1966: Opening of the college building performed by Dr.K.M.Munshi, Chairman of the Governing body of the Institute of Agriculture, Anand (December 12, 1966).

1972: College renamed as Sheth M.C. College of Dairy Science, Anand by the Govt. of Gujarat (May, 1972).

1972: College became the constituent part of the Gujarat Agricultural University with the status of a Faculty – the Faculty of Dairy Science (June 1, 1972).

1974: Indian Dairy Diploma (Dairy Technology) discontinued (June, 1974).

1974: Intake capacity of B.Sc. (D.T.) increased from 20 to 40 (June, 1974).

1977: Postgraduate programme and research activities started in 4 major disciplines – Dairy Technology, Dairy Engineering, Dairy Chemistry and Dairy Microbiology (June, 1977).

1989: Recognition of the College as a centre of excellence for human resource development in Dairy Technology by the ICAR – NDDB joint panel.

1990: Degree nomenclature changed from B.Sc.(D.T.) to B.Tech.(D.T.) with suitable modification and upgradation of the course curriculum (May, 1990).

1994: Vidya Dairy inaugurated by Shri Chhabildas Mehta, Chief Minister of Gujarat (August 6, 1994).