This website is an attempt to bring alumni and students of SMC College of Dairy Science together and share our thoughts on a common platform leading to the development of the college, as a whole. Friends, classmates, family friends and colleagues sitting far away can also get together and make the world a small place!

The Alumni Association is committed to spreading and propagating member contact and interactions to advance the bond of fraternity and alma mater. We are a family organization where thoughts flow freely and feelings flood. Benifit to anybody is indirect or putting it in a better word, a bonus. To care and share is paramount. Beyond this one might develop trust, respect and professionalism, which again is unintentional as we will not be here on professional/business grounds; our common place of education brings us here.

Connecting people is our aim. Networking leads to a lot of indirect benifits, contacts, socializing and interactions that eventually makes our development rapid. Let us globalize and serve as a service platform without any business motive. Your feedback will inform us of how we all are doing together..

Please keep us updated with your contacts, especially emails. DSCA Newslink will be available to you on this website and in your personally emails as well, if intimated. Please take up this moment to write to as many alumni and students of our college as possible. Please read the disclaimer before registering your entries and feedback.

Thank you.

With best wishes,
Alumni Association.