• On Monday My father recieved a compedium, which shows quick action taken
    at right time from your [SMC’s] side. I am proud that I am a student of Dairy science. Why? Here [In Canada] there are so many jobs in Dairy and food industry and we get a job within one month with good pay. Also, my degree is equivalent to B.Sc (Food Science and Technology) as per Canadian University. This certificate issued to me by Canada’s reputed University of Toronto is valid across Canada. In Canada, there is no degree like B.Sc (Dairy-Technology) and the closest is BSc (Food Science and Technology).
    Naresh Dave
  • This newslink had infact provided me with a latest update of university happenings since I passed out from DSC
    Venkata Krishnan, B Tech (DT) 1992 GECIS – Analytics, Banglore
  • I am really thankful to you as this mode of communication is quite fascinating
    Rakesh Kumar, B Sc (DT) 1988, Manufacturing Manager, Kuwait Dairy Co., Kuwait, 
  • I must acknowledge that the news link gives a unique attachment and keeps me aware of the happenings in the college after so many years
    Mr. Rajnikant Soni, B Sc (DT) 1978 – Dubai, 
  • It has been absolutely fascinating to receive ‘DSCA News Link’. I must acknowledge that the News Letter gives a unique attachment and makes me feel very close after six years
    Vivekanand, B Tech (DT) 1998, Australia
  • Thanks for the DSCA news link. It makes one happy to read about the splendid progress our institution is doing
    Viren Shah, B Tech (DT) 1998, 3M India Ltd, Bangalore
  • It was a great feeling to go through DSCA News Link, July-Dec. 2003
    Jasu N. Patel, B Sc (DT) 1992, Kadi, Mehsana
  • Its really nice to get the Newslink and know about the happenings of our seniors. It’s an honour to be an alumni of a college wherein people have excelled in different parts of the world and in different areas. It’s really a great pleasure to read about alumni
    Darshan Trivedi, B Tech (DT) 1996, New Zealand
  • I am always very gratified when I receive the electronic version of the DSCA Newslink. The Newslink is very valuable means for alumni like me who are continents away to remain attached to the alma matter. The information on various activities going in the college is very heartening in that the college is continuing to evolve with the changing tides of the dairy business environment, not only at the national level but at the international level too
    Devang Raval, B Tech (DT) 1994, QA Investigator- Global Quality, Genentec Inc, USA
  • Got DSCA Newslink in my hotmail mailbox and was very much excited to know about the new things going at college. Let me congratulate all of you who are directly or indirectly responsible to bring out this letter. Seems like I’m back at the college
    Dhirendra Sharma, B Sc (DT) 1996, Operations Supervisor, Pharmalat Canada Inc, Ontario
  • I am greatly thankful to you to send me the copy of the DSCA newslink. It is great to remain in touch. I appreciate the effort of the contributors and editors for making the content affective and organized
    Nischal Rajasuba
  • It was great to read SMC online
    Nirav Pandya
  • The DSC news link is of great value and I each time I ensure that I read the very same the day I receive it, it makes me feel proud to be an SMC-ite
    Viren Shah
  • I am very happy to get such mail from our alumni association. This was my dream to send such mail on celebrative occassions
    Vajsi Borkhatriya
  • Fine to go thro and know about College news. It was really pleasant moment to rewind my mind about 20 years plus. Hope to keep this contact going stronger day by day
    Tulasiram Konda
  • I was very much happy to receieve both the version of DSCA newslink. It takes us in the past. I was also happy to read about the progress of alumni
    Snehal Modi
  • I remember a quote from Late PM of India, Indira Gandhi “I can not understand how some one can be an Indian and not PROUD OF”
    Gokul Khatri
  • Indeed it’s a pleasure to read all that is happening at the alma mater. There is no doubt that we are marching in right direction
    Rajesh Parmar
  • Great great great, you have done excellant service to keep us informed about the activities at our alma matter.It was great pleasure to read information in the news letter
    H. N. Desai
  • Thanx SMC alumni for a wonderful DSCA e-newslink. Kudos to the team who e-compiled it. It always has been a pleasure to be part of such a dedicated team called “SMC Dairy Science”. Keep evolving for everyone’s betterment: Sunil Radhakrishnan 1998 B Tech DT batch, one of u
    Sunil Radhakrishnan
  • I am really happy to receive the mail.After a long time i feel myself in the same campus and going through the life of my Graduation and post graduation!!!!! I again congratulate for the excellent work to publish the newslink
    Nishith Baxi
  • It was lovely to read news of our alma mater. Keep it up and let me know if I am needed in any mater
    Nitin Joshi
  • It is a great charm for me to hear from college through the same
    Proushi Rawat
  • With each day, DSC is growing significantly and the growth can be seen from the performance of its students. I am proud to be an SMCite. The enthusiasm of my juniors and seniors is motivating and impressive. Keep up the good work, SMC
    Chirag Shukla, SDSU, USA, B Tech (DT) 1997
  • It is heartening to find such a swift response to my last mail. Introduction of Food Technology as a separate stream is certainly the need of hour and it was nice to know that we are taking concrete steps in this direction
    Kamal Kakkad, iNDEXTb, Govt. of Gujarat, B Tech (DT) 1999
  • Since last year I am receiving my copy of DSCA News Link. I feel very much proud being in touch with my college. We had great time during 1984-88
    Sanjeev Dhillon, Nestle India Ltd., B Sc (DT) 1988
  • The DSCA News Link has really taken off! Reading the news letter of the Alma Mater at dizzying heights (20,500 feet) and in the numbing cold (-40C) along the icy frontiers and in the face of enemy, it still warms my heart to know the all-round development of the great institution, made possible by the self-less contribution of the devoted faculty, dedicated students and progress of the members of alumni. Good going! Keep it up!
    Captain Ajay Pandit, Indian Army, the Siachen Glacier, B Tech (DT) 1997
  • We appreciate very much the publication of news letter, which is not only a link among the alumni of Dairy Science College, Anand but also have very useful technical information
    AK Koshal (General Manager (P&T), HDDCF Ltd, Chandigarh) BSc(DT) 1971
  • I feel very much attached to the alma mater still and think that it was the best education one can ever get
    Chirag Pandya, B.Tech. (DT) 2000
  • It is great to be in touch with DSC Anand. It is wonderful experience to read the news link. It is getting better every time
    Bhavesh Patel (USA), B Tech (DT) 1994
  • I feel great pleasure in reading “DSCA News Link” every time it comes to me. I see a great progress in activities and performance of DSC, anand e.g. Awards from Dr. JR Patel Trust, Quest for Knowledge, Meditation Centre, etc. I feel proud to be product of DSC, Anand
    Sanjeev Yadav (Nestle, Samalkha) B Sc (DT) 1988
  • It is a great pleasure to be connected to the almamater through the newslink
    Sudeep Jain (USA) B Tech (DT) 2000
  • I am impressed to read the News Link. Keep up the good work
    Ashok Thakor, Banas Dairy, B Tech (DT) 1997
  • Thank you for preparing lovely website of our college. It’s great to have such a site, where one can get all the information about our college. Keep good work going
    Sameer Suhail, (Salem Dairy, Salem), B Sc (DT) 2001
  • I have visited the college site. It is really wonderful. I like the contact databse with search option
    Divyesh Patel (Dushsagar Dairy, Mehsana) B Tech (DT) 2001