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We have created members page on the secured site https://members.smcalumni.net. You can also use the general site http://members.smcalumni.net if you have trouble with the secured site. When using secured site, you might notice the following two things:

1) A message might prompt that security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site. This is an expected behavior.
2) On the main member's page, if you enter your username (authentication) and proceed to click some links, say 'Profile,' it might ask you to enter your username again. This is an expected behavior. Ideally, as soon as you are on member's site, click Profile and then login.

It is safe to ignore that message and proceed with visting the site. This happens because we do not own a dedicated security certificate. Rather, we are sharing a security certificate that our hosting provider provides us. If you have any problem, please do let us know the exact steps to replicate the behavior that you have seen. Also email us your Operating System and its version, and the browser that you are using with its version. We will need that information to troubleshoot problems, if any.

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