Academic News

  • Mohit Parikh completed M.Sc. (Food Science and Technology) from Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. His contact email is
  • The following Dairy Technologists from various unions of Gujarat visited Denmark and Sweden as a part of Amul Team from 16-23 March, 2005. They have also attended regional seminar at Cohpanhaegon, Denmark and TetraPak in Sweden: Mukesh Patel & D.B.Suthar (Dudhsagar), Janak Desai & Rohit Upadhyay (Baroda), Rajesh Vaghasia (Sumul), Samir Saxena (Mother), Dewang Vaghela (Vidya)
  • Evy Rana B.Tech (DT) 2003 joined GB Pant University, Pantnagar for M. Tech (Food Engineering)
  • Amit Patel and Aparna Gupta, both B.Tech (DT) 2001 after their completion of Masters degree from NDRI, continued for Ph. D. at NDRI, Karnal
  • Hiral Modha, B.Tech (DT) 2002 joined M.Tech (DT) at Karnal whereas Jitin Garg, B.Tech (DT) 2003 and Chetan Dharaiya, B.Tech (DT) 1997 joined M.Tech (DT) at NDRI, Banglore
  • Varun Singhal, B.Tech (DT) 2003 and Rajendra Mahavaidya, B.Tech (DT) 2002 joined MSc (DC) at NDRI, Karnal
  • Pritesh Patel B.Tech (DT) 2003 and Mitul Patel B.Tech (DT) 2003 have been admitted for MS (Food Science and Technology) at Victoria University, Australia and will join the course in February 2005
  • Gurmeet Singh, B.Tech. (DT) 1999, Panna Agarwal, and Nirupama Nigam all B.Tech (DT) 2002, joined South Dakota State University, Brookings for their MS (Dairy Science)
  • Kaushal Kothari, B.Tech (DT) 1999, after completion of his Masters degree worked for short period in UK and presently is pursuing his PhD at Dairy Product Research Centre, Ireland
  • Ashish Acharya, B.Tech (DT) 2000, is pursuing his Masters degree at Lund University, Sweden
  • Darshan Trivedi, B.Tech (DT) 2000, joined Massey University, New Zealand for M.Tech in Food Technology. At the same university, two more of our alumni, Rajesh Nair, B. Tech. (DT) 2002, is doing Graduate Diploma in Food Technology while Hasmukh Patel B.Sc (DT) 1993, is pursuing PhD and working on the research project at Fonterra Research Centre, Fonterra, a largest research avenue in New Zealand. Darshan’s email is
  • Sudeep Jain, B. Tech (DT) 2000, joined University of Georgia, Dept. of Food Science & Technology for higher
    study. Sudeep’s email is
  • Anurag BistAmit Patel and Kumar Gaurav of B.Tech (DT) 2001 batch completed their Master’s programme from NDRI, Bangalore. Amit Patel has joined PhD in Dairy Technology at Karnal
  • Aparna Gupta, B.Tech (DT) 2001, completed her MSc (Dairy Chemistry) from NDRI, Karnal. She has now joined PhD in Dairy Chemistry
  • Dhruba Jyoti Mukharji, B.Tech (DT) 2002, has been selected in IIM, Lucknow for Post Graduation in Business Management
  • Puneet Bhatnagar, B Tech (DT) 2002, joined TAPMI Manipal for MBA
  • Sachin TrivediVarun SinghalRajendra Mahavadia and Hiral Modha all from B.Tech (DT) 2003 batch joined their Master’s programme at NDRI, Karnal, while Jitin Garg and Chetan Dharaiya joined Bangalore campus of NDRI
  • Harshad Joshi, BSc (DT) 2002, has been deputed by Mother Dairy, Gandhinagar for one year OYP at IRMA, Anand
  • Bahadur Gabra, B.Tech (DT) 2000, resigned from Vidya Dairy and joined MBA programme at NIRMA Institute of Management in the month of April 2004
  • Arpan Bhagat, B.Tech (DT) 2001 has joined the University of Georgia for M.S. in Food Science with assistantship. His research area would be on Listeria species and its control in food products
  • Atul G Pandya, B.Tech (DT) 1996 resigned from Amul Dairy and has left for higher studies leading to MBA in London
  • Supriyo Ghosh, BTech(DT) 2000, completed his MS (Food Science) from Utah State University in December 2002 in the area of metabolic engineering of Lactococci with full funding from Kraft Inc., USA. He has started his dual PhD now at North Carolina State University in Chemical Engineering and Food Science. His email is
  • Dhyanesh Bhatt, BTech (DT) 2000, joined MBA programme at the world renowned Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • Chirag Pandya, B.Tech. (DT) 2000, finished his MS in Food Science from University of Leeds, UK and has joined PhD programme at Glasgow Caledonian University. His research will be on “Encapsulation of Lactobacilli in starch matrices”, which is fully funded by the Industry
  • Dr C D Khedkar, M. Sc. (DM) 1989 and M R Patil, M. Sc. (DC) 1997, both working at College of Dairy Technology, Pusad, Maharashtra, bagged first prize for their poster entitled “Standardization of method for preparation of probiotic acidophilus milk suitable for feeding to tribal kids below five years and studies on implantation abilities of the culture in their GI tracts”. The award was given by Indian Dairy Association at 32nd Dairy Industry Conference organized at Chandigarh. UK and US based two leading publishers, namely Academic & Elsevier Publishers have published a Major Reference Work “Encyclopaedia of Food Science & Nutrition”. It is matter of pride for all us that Dr CD Khedkar contributed five scientific papers in the said encyclopaedia. The articles include those on dahi, buffalo milk, fermented milks, dietary importance, WTO and buffalo meat. M R Patil is a co-contributor to these papers. In another publication of the said publishers, “Encyclopaedia of Dairy Sciences”, Dr P N Thakar and Nitin Joshi contributed a paper on “Concentrated Dairy Products-Khoa”
  • Following alumni completed their masters degree from NDRI, Karnal and have been employed by the organizations as shown below:
    Ashish Acharya, M.Tech. (DT) GCMMF Ltd., Anand
    Vikas Mittal, M.Tech. (DT) GCMMF Ltd., Anand
    Gurmeet Singh, MSc (DC) GCMMF Ltd., Anand
    Mahesh Vankar, MSc (DM) GCMMF Ltd., Anand
    Haridas, MSc(DC) Nestle India Ltd., Moga, Baramati
    Suja Senan, MSc (DM) Dynamix Dairies Ltd
  • Ashwini Kumar Rathore, B Sc (DT) 1988, and M Sc (DT) 1992, working as Dy. General Manger, Mahaan Proteins Ltd., Mathura (U.P.) has submitted his Ph.D. Thesis on “Application of membrane technology for the standardization of whey protein concentrate and its storage stability” to Agra University
  • Sudeep Jain, B Tech (DT) 2000, left Vidya Dairy and joined MS at Utah State University, USA
  • Aparna Gupta, B Tech (DT) 2001, and Tusar Joshi, B Tech (DT) 2001, joined M.Sc. (Dairying) at NDRI, Karnal, while Hemang Dholakia, B Tech (DT) 2001, joined M.Sc. at CFTRI, Mysore
  • Prem Ranjan Thakur, B Tech (DT) 1999, has joined Texas A&M University, Kingsville, USA for MS in Dairy Chemistry
  • Nishant Joshi, B Tech (DT) 2000, joined Texas A&M University for Masters and is planning to join Doctoral Studies also with University of Texas
  • Amol Gandhi, B Tech (DT) 1999, has joined University of Westminster, London for his Masters