Sheth Mansukhlal Chhaganlal College of Dairy Science, well known as SMC College of Dairy Science, falls under Anand Agricultural University (AAU). SMC is an entity in itself having Dairy Technology education that is unique in the nation.

SMC College has 3 functions:


The college started in early 1960’s. Then, SMC graduates were given a diploma (IDD, Indian Dairy Diploma). As years progressed, the college broadened their educational horizons and students then graduated with B. Sc. (Bachelor of Science) degree in Dairy Technology. In 1989, the coursework was upgraded to an enormous extent with many new subjects and wider orientations. Students starting their education in 1989 and after were/are given a degree of B. Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) in Dairy Technology.

Reputation of the college is among the top academic & research colleges in food and dairy processing in India. Students have made the college proud in foreign land too. A strong coursework backbone allied with practical training and laboratory work has given SMC graduates a lot to confidence, experience and pride of work. At regular intervals, scientific camps and trainings are conducted by distinguished faculty members of the college, and invited faculty from over the nation and abroad. Technical support to the dairy industry is also provided at this education center.

The college gives students exhaustive knowledge to confront and solve the toughest problems in the dairy industry in particular, and the food industry as a whole. Departments of Dairy Engineering, Technology, Microbiology, Business Management, Chemistry and Extension along with trainings in Dairy Manufacturing and Processing and Food technology gives the college a brighter shade.

Please come and know us, strength of our students and performance of our alumni members.